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My name is Benoit Renault (aka. Littler00t or xia0ben) and, among many other things, I am a fifth year computer science student at the INSA Lyon.

I love free and open-source software, and hardware too ! That's why I was the president of my school's association of mechatronics last year and am now vice-president to ensure a smooth transition. There, I strive to spread my passion for FOSS and robotics by any means necessary : install-parties, repair-cafés, presentations... Did you see the gorgeous post-it Nyancat on our windows ?

Naturally, I don't just talk about these subjects : I practice them too ! As I love inventive UIs, you will see in the projects below that I concentrate my efforts on bringing beautiful and intuitive user experiences to life, be it on a computer, or with only a few LEDs and a microcontroller !

Though I love science, it doesn't prevent me to study many forms of art. Be it music (I play the flute and piano), 2D&3D design (I recently gave the Lyon Blender User Group a new start), or dance (I have been part of the INSA's "Dance-Studies" section for more than three years now), I am always open to new ways of communicating with others.

Well, enough talk, let's get to some facts : please be my guest and have a look at the following sections.

- English (bilingual)
- Chinese (fluent)
- German (fluent)
- Spanish and japanese (notions)
- C/C++, for systems programming and embedded systems (robots, e-textiles)
- Java for video games, Android, Desktop and Web apps
- Python for Big Data Analytics and robotics
- C# and .NET for web apps
- Web standards: HTML5, CSS (and Sass), Javascript (+ Angular and Typescript) trio, autonomously learnt
Operating Systems
- Gnu/Linux : Long time user of Archlinux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and derivatives
- Windows : 98 to 10, but I'd rather not use these anymore :D
- 2D drawing : Gimp, Inkscape, Hexels, MyPaint, Alchemy
- 3D modelling : Blender, OnShape, SolidEdge ST3, Autodesk Inventor
A few of my projects
Clubelek website and web services

As I became the INSA's association of mechatronics president, I entirely redesigned its visual identity. My team and I did not stop here : we entirely reinstalled our dedicated web server and deployed a great array of web services for all members to enjoy !


A very personnal and original take on the asian game of Go, made during the last months of my preparatory class with a friend. This is, of course, Free software, multi-platform and tremendously fun ! I designed and implemented the entire GUI.

Demo Source
Ying MK1

My first intelligent clothing ! A shiny LED matrix controlled by phone through bluetooth commands. First step toward what I call the 萤 (Yíng -> Firefly) project : a full-body dance suit I am currently working on.

Ying MK3

Third iteration of my Yíng project. The second was too much a prototype to be presented here. This version is way sturdier than the two previous ones, and covers the whole body, except the head. I presented this costume to 3000 people in a dance I choregraphied myself during the INSA Lyon's diploma ceremony, and again at the Japan Touch Haru / Geek Touch. All details of this project are to be realeased during summer 2018 under an open license.

Download photographs
FOSS IoT Frameworks review

A report I wrote during my 4th year internship at Smile Lab as part of my contribution to the OCCIware research project. As of november 2017, there is no other article or review that compares the many different FOSS IoT platforms this thoroughly.

Download Source

You can follow me on Github or send me an email at the following address : contact@littleroot.net . Don't hesitate to contact me, I don't bite °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°.